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Gamereactor sent editor Bengt Lemne and the GRTV team to San Francisco to cover Game Developers Conference 2010. Make sure to check out our video blogs, interviews and of course tons of news - straight from the floor of GDC.

The Grinder presentation   (Multi)

High Voltage Software's next action title

The Grinder is a return to the action games of old times, hordes of enemies coming at you, loot to collect and four-player co-operative drop in action. We got a presentation of the Xbox 360 version at...

The Grinder presentation

The Last Flight interview   (Wii)

We speak to Bloober Team

We had a chance to sit down with Piotr Babieno from Polish developers Bloober Team to talk about their upcoming Wiiware title The Last Flight at GDC in San Francisco. Have a look at what he had...

The Last Flight interview

Space Ark interview   (XLA/Xbox 360)

We have a chat with Strawdog Studios

We had a chat with Dan Marchant from Starwdog Studios about their upcoming old school arcade title Space Ark (with a new twist or two of course) that is due out on Xbox Live Arcade soon (later on other...

Space Ark interview

TERA interview   (PC)

We talk to the senior producer

We had the chance to ask senior producer Brian Knox, from En Masse Entertainment, a few questions about their upcoming MMORPG TERA. Developed by Korean Bluehole Studio, made up of the core team...

TERA interview

Gender Wars interview   (Ipad)

We talk to Bloober Team

We met up with Bloober Team's Peter Bielatowicz at the Moscone Center in San Francisco during GDC to talk about their upcoming iPad title Gender Wars: The Battle. In this turn based strategy title men...

Gender Wars interview

Backbreaker interview   (PS3/Xbox 360)

We talk to Natural Motion's Rob Donald

For the last few years football has been all about EA Sports' Madden NFL series, but soon a contender will step into the ring and try and shake things up a bit with a more physical brand of football. Closer...

Backbreaker interview

Tecmo Bowl Throwback   (Multi)

We talk pigskin with Southend

Southend Interactive got the gig to do the PSN/XBLA remake of the classic football title Tecmo Bowl thanks to their work on R-Type: Dimensions. Listen to what Southend's Fredrik Erlandsson has to...

Tecmo Bowl Throwback

Tournament of Legends   (Wii)

High Voltage next Wii exclusive

We were given a thorough presentation of High Voltage Software's upcoming Wii exclusive arena fighting game Tournament of Legends at GDC by chief creative officer Eric Nofsinger. Take a look at this...

Tournament of Legends

Ilomilo interview   (XLA)

We have a chat with Southend

Ilomilo is a cute little puzzle game that is headed to an unknown platform soon (as a digital download). The game is being developed by Southend Interactive, and we met up with producer Fredrik...

Ilomilo interview

Magicka presentation   (Multi)

Arrowhead gives us a tour of the fearures

Arrowhead Game Studios' Magicka takes the whole dungeon crawler experience and throws it on its head. Instead or rather dull gameplay and addictive elements such as loot and experience, it aims to bring...

Magicka presentation

ThatGameCompany interview   (PS3)

We had a chat with Kellee Santiago

We met up with Kellee Santiago from ThatGameCompany to talk a bit about what the developer has been up to since they released Flower on PSN last year. Check out the interview below......

ThatGameCompany interview

Shank interview   (Multi)

We chat with Klei Entertainment

Klei Entertainment's Jamie Cheng and Jeffrey Agala were sitting pretty in the Independent Games Festival booth with their latest effort Shank. The reason for this was of course that they have signed on...

Shank interview

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11   (Multi)

How's the wife, Tiger?

We had a chat with designer Eric Busch about the Wii version of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11. New swing mechanics, a first person view and Ryder Cup are some of the new features. But the real question is...

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11

TERA presentation   (PC)

Take a look at Bluehole's first title

Bluehole Studio was founded by the team responsible for Lineage II, and they are now hard at work on TERA, that is set for release later this year in Korea. The western release of TERA is planned for next...

TERA presentation

EyePet on Playstation Move   (PS3)

We got a demo of the game

An updated Playstation Move enabled version of EyePet is coming and we got a demonstration of how it works at the Playstation Move event in San Francisco. Check it out!...

EyePet on Playstation Move

Power Gig interview   (PS3/Xbox 360)

The future of the music genre?

Seven45 Studios made a big splash with Power Gig: Rise of the Sixstring at Game Developer's Conference and we caught up with Jon Chmura to talk about the prospects of the new Guitar Hero/Rock...

Power Gig interview

True Crime video preview   (Multi)

Straight from Club Bam Bam!

We had a chance to take a closer look at United Front Games' True Crime at Game Developer's Conference, and we summed up our impressions in this video preview straight from the True Crime...

True Crime video preview

The Secret World video preview   (PC/Xbox 360)

Impressions of the first gameplay bits

After enjoying the first ever gameplay presentation of The Secret World at the St. Regis Hotel next to Moscone Center in San Francisco I sat down with Jesper Karlsson from Gamereactor Sweden to sum up...

The Secret World video preview

Sin & Punishment 2 gameplay   (Wii)

More action from Treasure

We filmed a bit of Sun & Punishment: Successor of the Skies gameplay at the Nintendo booth at GDC. Check out a bit of off-screen action......

Sin & Punishment 2 gameplay

Sports Champions gameplay   (PS3)

Gladiator combat with Playstation Move

We filmed a bit of gameplay from the upcoming Playstation Move title Sports Champions featuring the Gladiator style event where you use one Move controller to simulate your weapon and the other to...

Sports Champions gameplay
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