This is what happened to Queen Elizabeth's golden Wii

THQ had sent the prestigious console to Buckingham Palace, which had been lost.

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Before THQ closed for bankruptcy in 2013, the company was well known for the strange ways in which they marketed and tried to get attention in the gaming community. Among the most absurd ones, there was also a gold-plated Nintendo Wii that had been sent none other than to Queen Elizabeth II, but what actually happened to the console has remained a mystery. Had the Queen received her console or not?

Eurogamer.net's former editor and now curator of the Youtube channel People Make Games, Chris Bratt, wanted to get to the bottom of the matter to understand what happened to the golden Wii and, after many years, he finally discovered the truth. Obviously, the gift has never been delivered to Buckingham Palace due to strict safety regulations, but Bratt has managed to retrace its steps. The golden console did, in fact, end up a couple of years ago in the hands of a famous collector in the Netherlands. The story is a lot of fun and you can learn more from thereport by Bratt .

This is what happened to Queen Elizabeth's golden Wii

Thanks, Polygon.

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