Just Dance 2020

Ubisoft makes a song and dance over Just Dance 2020 at E3

The 10-year anniversary of Just Dance sees... yet another Just Dance game.

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With every Ubisoft E3 conference comes a choreographed stage performance, and this year delivered once again with a look at Just Dance 2020. The next instalment in this 10-year franchise is launching in November, just as it has every year since its inception.

The series still proves hugely popular, even on some, shall we say, ageing platforms? Yes, the Nintendo Wii logo still appeared on that post-dance splash screen, meaning the title must sell well enough on Wii to still justify its appearance there.

Panic! at the Disco was the soundtrack to the opening scene, but aside from that, we know little about what's new this year. A new soundtrack will inevitably grace the series, which we will find out more about on the run in to launch. Last year saw some UI changes to focus on curated playlists, which this sequel will likely reiterate.

Do you still play Just Dance on Wii?


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