UK comedians to play Dungeons and Dragons for Comic Relief

The event will be livestreamed, where viewers can donate money to help support the cause.

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Four British comedians are set to be taking part in a charity Dungeons and Dragons livestream for Comic Relief on December 4. The charity event will bring James Acaster, Sally Phillips, Lou Sanders and Phil Wang together for a live game that is set to begin at 7:30pm GMT.

"I may never have played Dungeons and Dragons before but reckon I'd be better suited to life in the Forgotten Realms, as I have always felt that I might change into a woodland creature at any moment," said Sally Phillips. "I can't believe I will be anything other than epic in this game! We continue living through such strange times so I hope we can provide some entertainment and laughs for those watching the stream from home while raising funds for Comic Relief."

Each comedian is set to be playing from their own home, but as a team in order to complete the quest set before them. As for how viewers will be able to interact, for donations (starting at £1) viewers can look to influence the game, by having certain comedians falling victims to curses on their fantasy journey.

"I'm a huge gamer and I have no doubt this will be an EPIC game to watch," said James Acaster. "Mixed with the unknown twists and turns awaiting us from the public votes, who knows how this will turn out but I bet it will be a good laugh for those watching and will hopefully bring in lots of donations for Comic Relief."

This is the second charity Dungeons and Dragons game, the first having taken place earlier this year with Sue Perkins, Nish Kumar, Ed Gamble and Sara Pascoe participating and raising £25,000. To join in with this upcoming game, and to help the comedians raise even more money for Comic Relief, be sure to check out the stream when it starts here.

UK comedians to play Dungeons and Dragons for Comic Relief

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