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Vehicles just rolled into Fortnite with today's Joy Ride update

A crazy taxi game and more awaits as Epic brings some four-wheeled flavour to Fortnite.

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Cars have finally arrived in Fortnite, and Epic has just confirmed a few important-to-know details about what has been added be and how you can use them.

Islander Prevalent, Victory Motors Whiplash, OG Bear, and Titano Mudflap are the four vehicle types added, and Epic also confirmed new in-game radio stations. Naturally, you'll have to keep your car fueled by visiting a gas station, and there are disposable gas canisters dotted around the place too. Vehicle HP ranges from 800 to 1200, so be careful as these new rides aren't exactly bulletproof.

There's also the new Nitrogen LTM mode, where players (either solo or in duos/trios) try and get fares around the map whilst also competing with other players. There'll also be some new locations after a change in water levels has revealed places like Coral Castle. Check out the trailer attached to see the new cars in action.


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