We talk to Die Gute Fabrik about diversity and creativity

We talk to studio head Hannah Nicklin about Mutazione and how the team is looking to bring diversity to the fore.

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As part of our access as Gamelab media partners, we had the opportunity to talk to a number of prominent game developers, and one of the people we were lucky enough to talk with after the digital industry event was Hannah Nicklin, who had plenty to tell us about the games of Die Gute Fabrik, both past and present.

In particular, we discussed Mutazione (head this way for our review), which launched last year on Apple Arcade, PS4, and PC, and "you should stay tuned because there may be further platforms at some point." Nicklin couldn't confirm which platforms, but our fingers are still crossed for a Switch version.

During the rest of the extensive interview, we discussed a number of interesting topics including how Nicklin's background in theatre has impacted her approach to bringing drama to games. It's an interesting topic and Nicklin has lots of insights to share, including how bringing diversity to the team at Die Gute Fabrik should enhance the studio's unannounced next project.

"I feel that more diverse teams tell more interesting and more relevant stories to more people, and that's something that I care quite passionately about," Nicklin told us.

That's certainly something that we can get behind and we look forward to whatever comes next from this innovative indie studio.


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