We're playing Skully on today's GR Live

Hot on the heels of today's review, we're diving into the new platformer.

In Skully you play as a... well, a skull. It's not just a clever name for a video game, you see, and there's not a Mulder in sight either. In fact, Skully is a puzzle platformer by Finish Line Games and we reviewed it earlier today (you can read our impressions here if you want to know more). Following on from that, we're going to show you the game in action during today's GR Live, with Eirik ready to crack some skulls starting at 3pm BST / 4pm CEST. We'll see you there and then!


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REVIEW. Written by Kieran Harris

"It's a fun-filled glimpse back to the PS2-era platformers that occupied far too much of my youth."

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