What The Golf?

What The Golf? just got a free, massive update on Apple Arcade

Known as A Hole New World, the update is bringing over a 1000 new holes, as well as 50 new levels and fresh gameplay mechanics.

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Triband has just released a massive new, free update for its wacky sports title What The Gold? Known as A Hole New World, the update has brought over 1000 new holes, 50 new levels, fresh gameplay mechanics, and even a plethora of new bad puns to have a giggle at.

The update has become available to Apple Arcade users, and will be arriving on the PC and Switch version of the game in "the next few weeks" as the press release states.

Here's what has arrived in A Hole New World:

  • New campaign with a ton of hole-some content

  • Over 50 new levels with over 1000 holes

  • Classic levels from the original game - now with holes!

  • New game mechanics, stupid puns and music tracks

  • Turn the tables and golf a hole

  • Best of all... FREE!

In other What The Golf? news, Triband accidentally released the upcoming Switch update for the game a week early, meaning players on the platform can look forward to diving into the Sporty Sports Pack, the It's Snowtime Pack, and the Challenge Mode right now, as GameSpot reports.

What The Golf?

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