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Dragon Ball Xenoverse

World Tournament coming to Dragon Ball Xenoverse

Beta tournament already ongoing.

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Bandai Namco has lifted the lid on the upcoming launch of a new Dragon Ball Xenoverse mode, a World Tournament set to take place inside the game's virtual arena.

It's a recreation of the tournament from the animated series, and it'll allow players to compete for the title of Grand Champion.

A beta version of the tournament is currently ongoing, although that will not offer up a champion, rather it's a test to make sure that the servers can take the strain. The actual tournament itself kicks off on August 25. More details below.

Beta Tournament:
Worldwide, all platforms
Aug 18th, 16:00 CET to Aug 23rd, 15:59 CET
This preliminary tournament will be a beta, there won't be finals for the winners of this preliminary tournament beta.

Worldwide, all platforms
Aug 25th, 16:00 CET to Aug 30th, 15:59 CET
The winners of this tournament will proceed to the finals
Finals: Sep 12th from 13:00 CET to 15:30 CET

Dragon Ball Xenoverse

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