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WRC Generations

WRC Generations to launch later this year

This rally title will be arriving in October and is looking to be "the most complete rally game".

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Following up to the announcement that Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown will no longer be arriving this year, publisher Nacon and developer KT Racing has revealed the title that will be taking the racing game slot this year.

Keeping up with the annual WRC game tradition, WRC Generations has been announced. Set to be the latest entry into the series, this game is looking to be "the most complete rally game" and will offer "an unrivalled level of realism" as the press release states.

We're told that WRC Generations will include various improvements and optimisations requested by fans, including that of a "brand-new driving sensation, both in terms of physics and through a completely overhauled sound design."

Otherwise, it's said that the game will feature 37 cars, 13 rallies from the 2022 season, nine other locations, 22 different countries, and 165 special stages to dive into. On top of this, expect new solo and online content, as well as an overall experience that is "more polished and detailed than its predecessors".

As for when WRC Generations will launch, that is set for October 13, 2022 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series consoles. The PC and Nintendo Switch versions will come at a later date.

WRC Generations

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